Can we decoratively paint or stain the unfinished wooden bowls?

Yes, all of our bowls are sanded to 120 grit fine sanded finish and any wood defects are filled with putty pach to achieve a smooth surface. The unfinished wood bowls in all quality grades are ready to paint, stain, and decorate.

Can I use a chopper in my wooden bowl?

Absolutely, these bowls are designed to be used as a food preparation bowl. They are made from premium hardwoods that are hard and dense enough to take a lot of kitchen use.

Will my wooden bowl darken with age?

Yes, the woods will all acquire a richer color over the years. Black cherry bowls will darken the quickest, especially when exposed to a lot of daylight. The yellow birch bowls will become a little yellower over time. The maple will change the least over time and remain the lightest in color.

We have an old wooden bowl that has become sticky and/or rancid over time, what can we do to fix the bowls finish?

We recommend the use of a non-abrasive scrub pad, lemon juice, and pumice dust to scrub off the oil that has built up over the years. The use of a vegetable based oil, such as corn oil, olive oil, or even lard in the old days, has created a culture for bacteria to build up and become gummy and thick with layers of built up oil. If you scrub the bowl with pumice and lemon juice you will safely take off the layers of oil. After you rinse out the cleaning agents and are satisfied that you have taken the bowl down to the wood, apply a coat of mineral oil to the bowl, allowing it to soak into the wood.