Wood products utilized in the kitchen need to receive proper care and cleaning. Wooden bowls, cutting boards, and utensils need the immediate application of a coat of mineral oil to preserve the moisture content of the wood. Without a protective coating of mineral oil, the wood surface will dry out and may crack open the wood grain.

Care & Cleaning Instructions of your made-in-Vermont wood bowls and boards:

-Do not soak in water.
-Do not put in dishwasher.
-Do not put in microwave or oven.
-Do not leave in direct sunlight.

To clean the wood surface, wet a cloth or non-abrasive scrub pad in warm sudsy water and scrub the entire surface until free of food. Immediately dry the surface of moisture with a clean cloth or paper towel.

When the wood becomes dry, apply another coat of mineral oil. The use of vegetable oils is not recommended as a finish, as they contain ingredients that may tend to create a culture for bacteria to build up. Vegetable oils tend to become gummy and resist attempts to properly clean wood surfaces. Mineral oil is a non-toxic, inert oil that is light textured and will not build up an excessive coating over time. Mineral oil will not stain the wood, however spices and food may discolor the surface over time, especially if the wood becomes dry.