$75 Gift Certificate


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  • Model: GIFT-075


After your purchase is completed, you will be sent an email with a redemption code. When redeeming the gift certificate either by clicking on the link in the email or by keying in the code on the checkout-payment page, you will have Gift Certificate funds available to you for use in that or future transactions.

You can then use the funds for yourself, or email them to friend(s) via the links provided automatically in the store. You can email as much as you want, to various people, up to the amount you’ve purchased. Whoever you email it to will receive a new redemption code and will follow the same redemption process and can email the funds again if they wish.

To use the gift certificate, add the amount during step 2 of the checkout procedure. If you have already redeemed the gift certificate, you can either enter an amount or if you have not already redeemed the gift certificate then you can enter the redemption code.

You may also visit our Gift Certificate FAQs.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 21 September, 2012.