“We specialize in Products of Vermont”

Since 1857 logs stacked in piles outside the “Bowl Mill” are picked for both the quality of the wood and diameter of the tree. High quality wood yields beautifully grained and structurally stable bowls for years of use in our homes. Large diameter logs enable us to create the exceptionally large one piece bowls, which are unique to our process and prized throughout the world. The species of hardwood turned on our lathe’s include Hard Maple, Black Cherry, Walnut, and Beech.  The Bowls produced contain the unique grain of each tree which contains a history of the weather, climate, and soil condition experienced during its growth cycle. The very rare diseases which produce Birdseye Maple, Tiger Maple, and Fiddleback Maple yield some of the most beautifully grained Bowls in the world.

Besides ordering online here one can visit us if you are ever in the area.

On the site of the “Bowl Mill” we have restored the old farmhouse, built in the 1830’s and used for many years to domicile the Bowl Mill employees, into our retail store.  The Bowl Mill Store specializes in products of Vermont, such as our hardwood bowls, cutting boards, woodenware, maple syrup, and vermont chocolates.

The Bowl Mill Factory Rejects are unfinished bowls that do not “make the grade.” Many people spend hours sorting through the piles of hardwood bowls to find the bowl in the size and hardwood species that makes it special to them.